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The Emergency Support Network is estatic to announce that we have some great products on offer at our Book Shop. Down load our Peer Support Products Flyer today.

Peer Support Workbook, (2010)
The 4th Edition comprehensive Peer Support Workbook written by Dr Michael Tunnecliffe is the foundation textbook for many organisations and facilitators conducting reputable Peer Support training. The workbook provides a general approach to Peer Support which can be customised to organisational or occupational needs. This 40 page book is packed with peer support guidelines, the background of peer support programs, the different types of stress and its impact, factors influencing critical incident stress, support and the peer support role, peer support essentials, communication techniques, appropriate responses, individual and group support strategies, referring on, the peer support process and useful resources for Peer Supporters.  The workbook includes 20 key peer support training exercises and quick quizzes such as ‘are you suited to the Peer Support role?’  This workbook is a must for any credible Peer Support training program.

Workbook Price:               AUD$20.00 each +GST

Peer Support Pocketbook, (2010)
Well known and well loved, the Peer Support Pocketbook is back!  A new and revitalised 5th Edition offers Peer Supporter’s much more. The newly published pocketbook has 96 pages of valuable content, bringing together the experiences collectively of Michael Tunnecliffe and Carla Fotev both with over 20 years each in Peer Support programs.  This practical little book informs about stress and stress management, the principles of peer support, the process and how to provide practical support, communicate one to one, give group, phone or critical incident support.  Emotional first aid, stress defusion, the Peer Supporter as a member of a Critical Incident Response Program, referrals and support for the peer supporter, are all part of this power packed book which also includes useful reading and resources including links to a virtual network of Peer Supporters.  Even if you have an older version, you will be sure to want one of these brand new pocketbooks!

Pocketbook Price:              AUD$15.00 each

Peer Support Wallet Cards

Stress Defusion Cards
Don’t be late to help a mate…. Remember these great little cards?  Despite the new and improved design, more accommodating to fit in your wallet, these cards still convey the great reminder of how to support others. Outlining the LATE method of support, you will never forget to be late to help a mate!

De-Stress Cards
As Peer Supporter’s most of our work is in assisting those who are experiencing stress.  These cards simply outline the key strategies to manage stress on a day to day basis.  Sometimes having them on us can serve as an easy reminder for all the things we can each do to reduce our stress.

Wallet Cards Price:                    AUD$1.50 each +GST

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie….. the international alphabet.  Handy as a bookmark to keep your page, yet also of great assistance when you are on the phone trying to spell your name for someone, give an email address or in just making sure you have the right spelling.  Put one in your diary or next to your desk today!

Bookmarks Price:                      AUD$2.00 each +GST

The Ultimate Peer Support Resource:

Peer Support Pack (2010)
Why not save yourself and buy a Peer Support Pack.  Retailing for far less, you can obtain a discounted price on purchasing a Peer Support Pack.  Within a unique presentation folder you will find a copy of the Peer Support Workbook, the Peer Support Pocketbook, a Stress Defusion Wallet Card, a De-stress Wallet Card and an Emergency Support Network Bookmark, all for one low cost.  Your complete Peer Support kit!

Peer Support Pack Price:         AUD$35.00 each + GST

Ordering Information

Materials may be purchased via mail / email order.  To order by mail, email or via one of our courses, please complete the form on the reverse page.  Payment can be made by cheque, electronic transfer or credit card.  (We are happy to invoice your organisation, if required.)  All Australian orders are subject to GST. There is no GST component on International orders.  Postage charges will be provided upon request to complete the form.

Activating Orders
Please send the order form / or an email to:

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