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Consulting Services

People are your most important asset...yet they can also be your biggest potential risk. ESN provides services to private organisations as well as to government and local government agencies.  Our experienced and tertiary qualified consultants partner with you to understand your needs and develop targeted strategic interventions to resolve your human resource issues.  Well versed in HR / IR / OSH legislation,  we excel in dealing with complex and challenging people risk management concerns. Our consultants will identify the risk and create solutions to promote individual behaviour change, team harmony and productivity.

Examples of services include:

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Strategic Advisory Management Service Program (SAMS)

Managers sometimes require independent advice in developing strategies for managing staff and support in implementing identified interventions. SAMS offers managers to rapidly gain access to expert advice in dealing with complex human resource issues such as behavioural, mental health, and productivity concerns with individuals and teams.  Independent of any potential conflict of interest, this program provides objective, targeted coaching support in 'real time' as and when a manager requires.

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Workplace Investigation Services

From issues with the conduct of others to perceived workplace bullying, harassment or discrimination, employees may submit a complaint or grievance about any act, behaviour, omission, situation or decision that they perceive to be unfair, unjust, or inappropriate.

ESN's licensed investigators are well experienced in dealing with complaints ranging from the informal concerns to highly complex workplace grievances.  Investigations are provided to private organisations as well as government sector agencies under the HRS2015 Investigation Common Use Agreement. Our independent investigations are conducted confidentially, sensitively, and uphold the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.  Formal written reports are provided to the organisation detailing the findings as well as recommendations to address any systemic, procedural, or individual issues.

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