19 07, 2018

Towards a Culture of Psychological Safety

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A concept which is receiving an increasing amount of attention across many occupational areas is "Psychological Safety". This term can be defined as actions taken within an organisation to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of individuals within the work-group. Around Australia and New Zealand, Psychological Safety has great importance from OSH and "duty of care" perspectives. In the workplace there are a number of psychosocial hazards that can affect

25 05, 2018

Improve Your Blue Heart Rating

2018-05-25T17:39:36+00:00 May 25th, 2018|Conflict Resolution and Mediation, HR Consulting Services, Psychosocial Hazards, Workplace Investigations|

Bullying is the attempt to oppress, torment, domineer or coerce someone else. It can take many forms such as verbal threats, insults and cyberbullying. These behaviours have deeply harmful and sometimes deadly consequences. Sadly bullying is not something that all people grow out of once they reach adulthood, so keeping employees safe from this kind of unkind treatment at work is a current and serious concern. At just 14 years

10 03, 2018

Social Media Policy: A Must-Have

2018-01-18T18:32:46+00:00 March 10th, 2018|HR Consulting Services, Training and Development, Workplace Investigations|

When a Linfox employee made disparaging comments about company managers on his Facebook page, the company fired him for serious misconduct. The employee applied to Fair Work Australia for unfair dismissal. The Commissioner sided with the employee. Why? Because Linfox did not have a policy covering employee use of social media. In the complete absence of a policy defining appropriate conduct, the employee could not be guilty of any