10 10, 2023

Toxic Positivity: How Unrealistic Workplace Happiness Goals Can Backfire

2023-04-25T14:19:10+08:00October 10th, 2023|Coaching and Management Support, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, HR Consulting Services, Peer Support Products, Psychosocial Hazards|

While a positive work culture engages employees, boosts morale, increases retention, and improves productivity, toxic positivity can result in repressed emotions and artificial behaviour. Toxic positivity may sound like an ironic phrase, but it's very real and can often derail attempts to create a genuinely harmonious culture. What is toxic positivity?  Over-emphasising the happiness agenda can backfire and have the opposite of the desired effect on employees. It can

19 09, 2023

Are You Doing Enough to Engage Your Workforce?

2023-04-25T14:45:05+08:00September 19th, 2023|Coaching and Management Support, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, HR Consulting Services, Training and Development|

According to a study report, job satisfaction is no longer about the pay alone, and remuneration is no longer the key driver for people switching jobs. Thousands of employees admit to being unhappy in their current jobs, even though their salary levels are satisfactory. Dissatisfaction has been heightened since the start of the pandemic, when many employees worked remotely. Some became distanced from belonging to their workplace and contemplated

18 07, 2023

Has Today’s Virtual Reality Changed the Rules of Workplace Communication?

2023-04-25T14:46:07+08:00July 18th, 2023|Coaching and Management Support, HR Consulting Services, Psychosocial Hazards|

Person-to-person communication has undergone a paradigm shift from what it was many years ago. Then, practically every communication was through face-to-face interactions, by telephone, or on paper. Nowadays, there are almost limitless ways in which one can transfer information. Personal and workplace communications can occur via emails, text, Skype and other visually interactive platforms, video conferencing, social media, and so on. You can now easily communicate with one or

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