16 01, 2018

Playing Nicely In the Workplace Sandpit

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Rates of sexual assault and harassment as well as threatening or abusive conduct have been declining in the public sector. Worryingly however, reports of bullying, racism and discrimination are on the increase. The annual WA Public Sector Commission 2016/17 report revealed that 534 minor misconduct complaints were received during that year. Comprising of 969 separate allegations, 64% (621 complaints) were regarding staff behaviour with almost one third of those

10 01, 2018

Dealing with Psychopaths at Work

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Maybe you have worked alongside them or have hired them. Perhaps you have been impressed by their drive, ambition, intelligence, and charm. We're talking about what Dr Robert Hare, pre-eminent authority on psychopaths, calls a corporate psychopath: a "nonviolent person prone to the selfish and remorseless use of others." Manipulative, ruthless, callous, often smart and charismatic, they are unable to feel empathy or guilt. Psychopaths can wreak havoc in

4 01, 2018

Trust – What Great Companies to Work for in Australia Have in Common

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According to the international organization Great Place to Work® (http://www.greatplacetowork.com.au/home), the key drivers of business success are “high-quality relationships in the workplace — relationships characterised by trust, pride, and camaraderie”. They highlight trust as being the foremost defining quality of a great company. Great Place to Work® (GPtW) compiles lists of the best places to work in countries around the globe. The hope being, that companies that strive to