4 06, 2024

What You Can Do to Tackle Theft in the Workplace

2023-12-14T17:45:51+08:00June 4th, 2024|Coaching and Management Support, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, HR Consulting Services, Workplace Investigations|

From employees making away with the odd pen or pack of Post-It notes, workplace theft costs Australian employers millions of dollars every year. Workplace pilfering is a fairly common problem, and employees often steal toilet paper rolls, stationery, and light bulbs. One workplace we attended had a recurring problem with teaspoons being taken, including the one chained to the coffee machine! While the act may appear strange and seemingly

14 05, 2024

Has Today’s Virtual Reality Changed the Rules of Workplace Communication?

2023-12-14T17:40:44+08:00May 14th, 2024|Coaching and Management Support, HR Consulting Services, Psychosocial Hazards|

Person-to-person communication has undergone a paradigm shift from what it was many years ago. Then, practically every communication was through face-to-face interactions, by telephone, or on paper. Nowadays, there are almost limitless ways in which one can transfer information. Personal and workplace communications can occur via emails, text, Skype and other visually interactive platforms, video conferencing, social media, and so on. You can now easily communicate with one or

23 04, 2024

Is Your Organisation Doing Enough to Promote Mental Wellness?

2023-12-14T17:34:02+08:00April 23rd, 2024|Coaching and Management Support, HR Consulting Services, Peer Support Products, Psychosocial Hazards, Training and Development|

Statistics indicate that as many as a quarter of Australian workers take time off each year due to stress. 75% of employees believe that the workplace should support mental health. Aside from the distress of employees, companies lose more than 6.5 billion dollars every year due to mental health-related illnesses. With the pressures facing most people such as rising costs, the pandemic and general life experiences exacerbating mental health

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